FPSUltra News

Commynity rules

September 12, 2019

Those rules are the base rules and will come more rules as time goes.

  • Cheating/Hacking/Exploits
  • Trolling
  • Offensive language/Hate Speech
  • Mic Spamming
  • Sexisem/Disrespect
  • Advertising
  • Not respecting admin

You can reed more about rules at the rules page


Member rank

August 11, 2019

Get access to !knife and more by joining FPSUltra steam group!

Now when you become a member of FPSUltra steam group you get access to

  • !Knife on Retakes servers for now.
  • Member tag on all of your servers. Type !tag to enable the tag.

And more in the future.